Creative Movement: This class allows each child to enjoy and develop his or her own creativity. We use structured games, improvisational guidance, music and props to harness and direct each child's imagination towards making meaningful and interesting movement choices.  All the basic tools of dance-making are taught, and the end products will be improvisations or pieces of choreography by the children.

Adult Women Stretch & Move!: Gentle, thorough stretching of the whole body combined with beginning-level modern movement.  This class is designed to leave you feeling relaxed, energized, lengthened, and so glad you have a body!

Mommy & Me: Fun class gets your little one (and you) moving with songs, props, stories, and imagination. Your child will learn basic dance concepts, practice movement skills, build confidence moving in different ways, and spend quality time with a parent as well as with other children.

Creative Movement for Adults: Exercise your creativity along with your body. Beginning with gentle stretches and working up to more physical movement, in this class we explore moving in many different ways, with many different inspirations. By the end of the class, movers will be creating their very own, unique movement. Come be inspired to create! No previous movement experience necessary.

Dancers' Workshop: This brand new offering is a way for dancers of all experience levels to share their knowledge and interests. We have been working with improvisational structures but are open to almost anything and everything related to movement exploration. You can come and simply participate, or sign up to lead one or more sessions. Open to everyone.


The Dance Guild seeks to provide affordable dance classes to children and adults. Classes have traditionally been offered in creative dance, ballet, modern and choreography. The small children's class sizes are designed to provide one-on-one contact between the students and instructors. In all classes, self-discovery and independent thinking are balanced with an emphasis on developing social skills while acquiring facility with creating dance. For the children, instead of using classes to prepare for a dance review, each class builds on the one before and parents and other guests are invited to attend an open class at the end of the semester.

Teachers: Teachers are dance majors who have completed the Dance Pedagogy course or are dance professionals, and are supervised by dance department instructor Lynne Clearfield.

Location: Classes are held in McLaurin Gym at the corner of Boucher and McKinley Streets, next to the Student Union of the UL Lafayette campus. Classes will be in Studio #104.

Parking: Parking is available at the surface parking lot at the corner of McKinley Street and St. Mary Street.

To register, please click our link above.

Please register by Monday January 13 for Spring 2014 classes.  Questions? Email Lynne Clearfield at or call 849-3564 or 298-7599.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  If class enrollment is low, it is at each teacher's discretion to cancel her class or teach it.   If the class is cancelled, a full refund will be given.